Constitution of the National Committee of Archivists *

Aims and Objectives

To provide a professional forum :

  1. to discuss archival problems and to disseminate knowledge of their approved solutions;
  2. to achieve uniformity in professional practices;
  3. to draw attention to the advantages and disadvantages of new techniques and developments;
  4. to co-ordinate activities of common interest among archives offices in the country;
  5. to consider and recommend measures to accelerate archival development in the country;
  6. to develop contacts and liaison with archival institutions in the Region as a whole;
  7. to solve problems by co-operative efforts at a professional level.


The National Committee of Archivists will have purely advisory role. It will take decisions and make recommendations by consensus and not by voting.


The National Committee of Archivists will consist of:

  1. Director of Archives, Government of India^ as Chairman & Convener.
  2. A representative each of all State Governments/Union Territories, as follows:

(a) The senior-most professional archivist, who is not normally liable to transfer, from States and Union Territories which have organized archives offices, OR

(b) where there are no organized archives offices the Secretary of the Regional Records Survey Committee, if it exists. (Those States having neither an Archives Office nor Regional Records Survey Committee will not be represented)

  1. Heads of Archives Offices of Union Territories placed under the National Archives of India.
  2. A Deputy Director of Archives/ Assistant Director of Archives, Government of India as Member-Secretary.


All appointments and reappointments shall be for a period of two years effective from the date of the first meeting and on the expiry of one term the members concerned shall be eligible for re-appointment.


The Committee will meet normally once in a year.

*Amended vide Department of Culture, Dy. No. 3739/87 Lib., dated 26.10.87
^ Re-designated Director General of Archives, w.e.f. 1.6.90