Public Records

i. Records of Government of India and its Predessor Bodies:


Sr. No.Category of the DocumentName of the document and its brief introductionProcedure to obtain the documentHeld by/under control of
1.Non – current public recordCentral Board of Revenue (1860-1936)Conditioned access - as per PR Rules 1997Director General, National Archives of India
 2.-Commerce Department (1860-1936)--
3.-Communication Deptt (1860-1934)--
4.-Education Health and Lands (1860-1938)--
5.-Finance Department (1863-1935)--
6.-Home Deptt (1871-1921)--
7.-Labour Deptt (1871-1935)--
8.-Legislative Department (1861-1937)--
9.-PWD Deptt (1860-1935)--
10.-Railway Department (1863-1935)--
11.-Revenue and Agriculture (1860-1937)--
ii. Records of erstwhile Bhopal State


S.NoName of the DepartmentInclusive YearsFilesVolsFilesVols.FilesVolsRemarks
1Dafter Insha1846- 1907----74878087Access as per Public Records Rules, 1997
2.Mutiny Papers1857-1858--69029--
3.Kutub Hadbast Dehat1845-1860------
4.Acts and Rules of Bhopal Govt.1845-1941-732---732-
5Administration Reports of Bhopal state1905-1919-706-----
6.Toshak Khana1908-1915----464100-
7Daftar Tarikh1905-1931----548--
8Gazettes of Bhopal State1908-1953-----85-
9Municipal Board, Bhopal1908-52----395--
10Jagir Sanads-----1486--
11Maps and Plans of Bhopal State------775-
12Daftar Tanzimat1843-1952----1299370-
13Daftar Chief Justice of High Court1899-1947----794--
14Marriage of Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum1861-1906-----401-
15.Police, Bhopal1905-1914-----9-
17Military Sectt1908-1912----1067--
18Muinul Muhami1908-1915----2832--
20External Affairs1946-48----436--
21Boundary Disputes1855-1891----169--
22Daftar Chaudharahat1854-1925----595--
24Daftar Niabet-e-Mal1890-1908----402--
25Chief Sectt1908-1941----11705--
26Army and Civil List1912-194714071-----
27Directorate of Education1929-------
28Judicial Sectt1908-1914----2119--
30Finance Sectt1908-1910----2282--
31Political Department1912-194926256---8750--
32Chamber of Princes1916-1947874------
33Revenue Settlement (20 years)     -----17600--
34Jama Kharch     -----10400--
 Total     -27270 + 1509 + 600 + 29 + 76720 + 27166 = 133290