• The National Archives of India is making earnest efforts to ensure longevity to documents in its custody through preventive, curative and restorative processes.
  • The Department has Conservation Research Laboratory which was setup in 1941. Since its inception, it is engaged in research and development work like developing indigenous technique for restoration, testing of materials required for restoration and storage.The Laboratory is equipped with latest models of Paper Testing Machines viz. Tensile Tester, Folding Endurance Tester and Bursting Endurance Tester etc to facilitate examination of various kinds of preservative material.A unique process of repairing and rejuvenating documents with the help of cellulose acelate foil and tissue paper which is known the world over as Solvent or Hand Lamination process has been invented by the Department.
  • The Laboratory has been successful in formalizing a process for rejuvenating dessicated palm leaves caused by age and loss of flexibility.
  • Another very significant achievement has been fabrication of a portable thermostatically controller airtight vault which is a multifunctional chamber and could be used for sterilization, vapour phase de-acidification and drying of documents, books and other material.