Guidelines for Transfer of Records of Permanent Nature to the National Archives of India

  • The files recommended for permanent retention (Keep) may be properly repaired, docketed, stitched, wherever necessary.
  • The files may be tied in sizeable bundles, preferably between two pieces of 5 ply boards, to avoid damage to the files.
  • Nomenclature viz. Name of the Ministry, Department, Branch, Year(s) and File Nos may be mentioned on the boards/main cover of the files clearly.
  • Wherever any abbreviation has been used, the same may be indicated in full.
  • Transfer list may be prepared, preferably on a computer, as per the proforma given below:

Transfer List     
(See Sub-Rule (3) of Rule 5 of the Public Records Rules, 1997)     
Name of the Records Creating Agency (i.e. Ministry/ Dept/ Office/ PSU etc).:     
Name and Particulars of the Records Officer:     
Name of the Branch/Section:    
Year (s):

Sl. No.File No.Subject of the fileRemarks, if any
   -   -   -   -


Signature and seal of the records officer .....................................

  • The Transfer list and records should be arranged Branch/ Section-wise and in chronological order. 
  • All records, along with the Transfer list (in triplicate), may be forwarded to the National Archives of India for permanent preservation. However, exact date and time for the transfer the records may be communicated to the National Archives of India IN ADVANCE. 
  • After checking of the records/ transfer list, the National Archives of India would return one copy of the Transfer list to the records creating agency as a receipt of the public records.


For clarification, if any, please write to us or contact telephonically at nos. +91-011-23381467/ +91-011-23385967.