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The Department is committed to providing maximum assistance to scholars, administrators as well as the common man who approach us in connection with their work.

All enquiries are attended to promptly, and efforts are made to ensure satisfaction of the concerned person by providing feedback facility to the scholars/researchers visiting the Research Room.

All requests may be addressed to the Director General of Archives, Janpath, New Delhi 110001, or at the undermentioned contact numbers :

Tel. No. +91-011-23383436 (Director General of Archives)        
+91-011-23384067 (Deputy Director of Archives, Records)        
+91-011-23385967 (Deputy Director of Archives, Records Management)        
+91-011-23073462 (Research Room)        
+91-011-23384797 (Public Relations Cell)        
Fax No. +674-23384127        
Email : archives[at]nic[dot]in

Regional Office, Bhopal        
Tel No. +91-2661173        
Tele fax: +674-2660117        
Email :rc[dot]bpl-archives[at]gov[dot]in

Records Centre, Jaipur        
Tel No. +91-141-2707499        
Tele Fax : +674-2701815        
Email : rc[dot]jpr-archives[at]gov[dot]in

Records Centre, Bhubaneswar        
Tele Fax: +674-2560043        
Email : rc[dot]bbsr-archives[at]gov[dot]in

Records Centre, Puducherry        
TeleFax: +674-22536104        
Email : rc[dot]pdy-archives[at]gov[dot]in