Orientation Course In Records Management For Records Officers

National Archives of India              
Calendar of the Orientation Courses in Records Management              
for Records Officers (2017 – 2018)

Target Group: Records Officers not below the rank or grade of Section Officer, nominated under the provisions of Sec 5(1) of the Public Records Act, 1993 and Rule 3 of the Public Records Rules, 1997.              
Contact details of Course coordinators: Shri Udey Shankar, Assistant Director of Archives (udey.shankar[at]nic[dot]in) and Dr. Thingnam Sanjeev, Archivist (thingnam.sanjeev[at]gov[dot]in )               
Address: National Archives of India, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001              
Telephone No. +91-011-23381467, Fax No. +674-2338 4127              
E-mail: archives[at]nic[dot]in (link sends e-mail)         
Website: www[dot]nationalarchives[dot]nic[dot]in

Course No.DatesVenue
164th27-29 July 2022National Archives of India,              
Regional Office, Civil Lines, Near M.L.B.College,              
Ph.No +91-755-2660117              
Fax: +91-755-2660173              
E-mail: ada[dot]bhopal-archives[at]gov[dot]in              
165th28-30 September 2022National Archives of India,              
Records Centre,              
10-À, Jhalana Doongri,              
Institutional Area, Jaipur-302004              
Ph. No. +91-141-2707499              
Fax. +91-141-2701815              
E-mail: nai-rj[at]nic[dot]in              
166th21-23 September, 201617-19 October 2022              
National Archives of India,              
Janpath, New Delhi-110001              
B-mail: archives[at]nic[dot]in              
167th23-25 November 2022National Archives of India,              
Records Centre, Southern Zone,              
Jeevananandapuram, Lawspet, Puducherry-605008,              
Tele fax. No.+91-413-2256104
168th118-20 January 2023National Archives of India,              
Records Centre, Eastern Zone,              
M-79, Madhusudan Nagar,              
Unit-4, Bhubneshwar-751001, Tele fax: +674-2391043, +674-2391042              
E-mail: nai[dot]or[at]nic[dot]in,              
169th22-24 February 2023National Archives of India,              
Janpath, New Delhi-110001              
E-mail: archives[at]nic[dot]in
  • Details of the Calendar of Orientation course for the FY 2023-24 will be uploaded very soon.

Nomination Form 2017-18 A red cup with a handle on it.(Size - 41 KB, Language - English, Format - PDF)