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The Records Centre, Jaipur was established in January 1977 as a repository to cater to the need of proper upkeep of non-current records of Central Government offices of the western Zone viz. Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra in a small rented building. Later, a piece of land was purchased from the Jaipur Development Authority and in December 1996, the Centre was transferred to its own building. Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haweli were also included in the Western Zone in the year 2007.

The Records Centre, Jaipur has a collection of various record series of historical value. Records of Master of Mint, Bombay (1820-1892) and Government of India Mint, Bombay (1919-1960), throw light on history of Indian Currency during the British rule and post-independence period. Records of Sambhar Salt Limited, Sambhar, Salt Commissioner, Jaipur and Hindustan Salt Limited, Jaipur give important information on salt industry of India from 1887 to 1978. The record series of Controller of Insurance (1865-1978) reveals historical information on insurance in India and its development. Besides, the Centre has two records series viz. Central Board of Film Certification, Mumbai (1951-1981) and Film Archives, Pune (1964-1979), which contain interesting information on film records. The records housed of Central Railway Mumbai (1859-1979) provide information on the development of Indian Railways.

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Shri Rama Chandra Karan


National Archives of India,Record Centre

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