Departmental Records

List of Public Records of NAI in Departmental Records Room

SI.NoName of the Sections
1.Administration (1951-80) 
A-1 to A-4, Establishment and General Section 
- Files mainly of Establishment matters/ personal files, service books/ pay bills
2.Accessioning of Records (2007-2021)  
Files relate to transfer of records from various Ministries/Departments/ PSU’S to NAI for permanent Retention and after accessioning transfer to repositories for the scholar use.
3.Hindi (1963-2017) 
Files relate official language
4.Exhibition (1953-2015) 
Files relate to Exhibitions
5.B.D.A-2( 1942-51) 
Books Act etc.
6.Commissions, Committees & Conferences (1944-2018) 
Files of I.H.R.C., Cultural Exchange Programme
7.Computer Unit (1998-2015) 
Files relate to AIMS software, Abhilekh Patal etc.
8.Calendaring (1942-51) 
Files relate to publication of Persian records
9.Conservation and Moulding of Seals ( 1980-86) 
Files relate to Conservation and Moulding of Seals
Files relate to Conservation Research Laboratory.
11.D.A./DGA (1953-2007) 
Files of DGA’s Secretariat
12.Education Records (1958-72) 
Files of the Projects
13.Finding Aids (1980-83) 
Files of Subject listing of Record Series
Files relate to preparation of Guides for records
15.Grants ( PR and PC) (1973-2017) 
Files relate to the Grant-in-Aid Scheme of NAI
16.History of Freedom Movement( 1953-58) 
Files relate to project
17.Historical Section(1954-57) 
Files relate to Research
Files relate to indexing of records.
19.Library ( 1943-2015) 
Files of Library Section
20.Oriental Records Persian(1955-2017) 
Files of Oriental Records Section
21.Preservation/ Workshop(1942-88) 
Files of Preservation Section.
22.Publication (1942-2014) 
Files of Publication Section
23.Private Archives(1980-2008) 
Files of Private Archives Section
24.Repository & Map (1942-2016) 
Files relate to activities of Records and Cartography Section 
Records Section (1942-1951) 
R-I (1951-2016) 
R-II (1950-1998) 
R-III (1956-1999) 
Map (1953-2006)
25.Research & Reference-(1980-2010) 
Files relate to activities of RR Section
26.Reprography (1976-2017) 
Files of Reprography Section  
Rep I, II & (P) (1976-85) 
Rep ( R)(1981-2017) 
Rep ( D)(1997-2012)
27.Record Management  
Files relate to Record Management, Record Appraisal and Retention Schedule 
RM-I, II, III, IV, (1967-2015) 
R.S. (1978-2005) 
R.A (1979-2009)
28.Record Centers ( 1996-2019) 
Files relate to Records Centers and Regional Office
29.SAS/A.T. ( 1979-2008) 
Files relate to Archival Training and activities of School of Archival Studies
30.T.F. (1972-88) 
Files relate to towards Freedom project
31.Work Shop (1956-92) 
Files relate to workshop