Private Archives


Private Archives Section has in its custody a rich collection of private papers of eminent persons who have contributed immensely in various fields of public life in India. These papers have been acquired mainly through donations and gifts from individuals and institutions across the world. They are an important source to supplement the information contained amongst the public records. Some of the most important private papers in our custody are those of Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Dadabhai Naoroji, P.D. Tandon, Maulana Azad, Minoo Masani, Sardar Patel, K.D.Malaviya, etc. All these private papers are accessible as per provisions contained in the Public Records Rules, 1997 or conditions as laid down by the donor at the time of their donation to the National Archives of India.

For searching among various private papers as listed below, please visit is external) or the Private Archives section on completion of registration procedures.

Private Archives Collections:

SI. No.Name of the document and its introduction in one line
1.Abdul Qadeer Azad Collection (1912-1946):-        
943 issue of old newspapers (939 issues of Urdu newspapers and 5 issues of English newspapers). These include Ahl-i-Hadis (1916-1920), Hamdard (1915-1929),Al-Asr (1917), Tarjuman (1916); Muslim Gazette (1912-1913), The Muslim Chronicle (1929), The Independent (1922) and The Statesman (1913).
2.Ambedkar Papers:- 123 letters in English, Marathi and Hindi (1920-1954) – throws light on Dr. Ambedkar’s literary activities, his pursuit of professional legal work and his efforts to secure political and social rights for the Depressed Classes.
3.Badruddin Tyabji Collection:- 1122 items/letters relating to his correspondence reports, speeches, notes and invitation cards, etc. (1871-1919).
4.Benarsidas Chaturvedi Collection:- 8444 items comprising of correspondence, articles, photographs, press clippings, books and periodicals. (1900-1968)
5.Bhulabhai Desai Papers:- 200 items comprising letters, extracts from books, speeches, diary and press clippings. (1899-1965)
6.Champaran Satyagraha Papers:-         
Relating to Satyagraha, which Gandhiji launched in Champaran in 1917 to redress the grievances of the Indigo Cultivators.
7.C.F. Andrews Papers:- 187 items - mainly correspondence with Munshi Ram (Swami Shrahanand), R. Tagore, Ganga Ram, S.K Rudra, R.C Hobert and Lala Lajpat Rai. (1913-1919)
8.Dadabhai Naoroji correspondence (1852-1917)        
31,000 items – relate to campaign in England – Agitation for simultaneous civil service examination in India and England, admission of Indians in public services.
9.Delhi Court Papers:- 7 volumes relating to the trial of Indian revolutionaries. (1914, 1929-1943)
10.Edward Hall Papers:- 117 items including correspondence, paintings, etc. (1720-1921)
11.G.S. Khaparde Papers:- 320 items - mainly correspondence and diaries. (1879 -1938)
12.Gian Singh Rarewala Papers:- 900 items - mainly his correspondence, press statements, etc. (1901-1977)
13.Gooroodas Banerjee Papers:- 303 letters (1877-1918) - mainly correspondence on educational problems, constitutional reforms and religious and moral teaching in Govt. Schools and Colleges.
14.Gopal Krishan Gokhale Papers:- 3,493 items - mainly correspondence (1889-1915)
15.Gobind Ballabh Pant Papers:- 732 items - mainly correspondence, photo albums, diaries, etc. (1908 and 1910-61)
16.Indian Independence League Papers:-        
130 items comprising of letters, pamphlets, news paper clippings, notes, etc. (1942-1945) relating to        
activities of various branches of the Indian Independence league in Thailand, Shanghai, Malaya, Singapore, etc.

Indian National Army Papers:-


  • 95 items (1943-1949) throwing light on the Indian National Army’s activities in Malaya
  • 990 files relating to INA
18.Indra Vidya Vachaspati Papers:-         
1100 items (1900-1963) comprising of magazines, correspondence, news papers, etc.
19.Jehangir C. Coyajee Papers:- 1202 items (1902-1946) - comprising correspondence, press clippings, articles, photographs, etc.
20.Joseph Bampfylde Fuller Papers:- 51 letters (1930-1948) pertaining to democracy and discipline, customs in India and Europe, Hindu-Muslims Unity, etc.
21.K.M. Panikkar Papers:- 1350 items (1938-1963) - comprising letters, articles and press clippings.
22.K.M. Cariappa Papers:-        
11,000 items (1912-1981) - comprising correspondence, press clippings, reports, etc.
23.K. Santhanam Papers:-         
455 items (1947-65) - comprising correspondence, articles, notes, book reviews, etc.
24.Lahore Conspiracy Case:- Mainly proceedings and copies of judgement of Lahore Conspiracy Case and material relating to Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev (1930-31).
25.Lala Hardayal Papers:- 15 letters addressed to Sardar Singh Rana and Mrs. Rana in Paris (1910).
26.Lala Lajpat Rai Papers:- Diary (1914-1917) showing his movements during his visit to U.S.A and Japan.
27.Mahatma Gandhi Papers:- 27,500 items/volumes (1880-1948) relating to Gandhi-Kallenbach, Gandhi-Polak correspondence, Gandhi-Holmes correspondence, Gandhi Murder Trial papers and Gandhiji’s correspondence with eminent personalities. FIR relating to Gandhiji’s Murder on 30 January 1948
28.Nanavati papers:- 5 Volumes and other papers (1944-45) relating to Bengal Famine Enquiry Commission.
29.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Papers:-        
218 letters in Urdu (1953-55)
30.Meerut Conspiracy Case Papers:-         
4,226 items (1929-1933) throwing light on the history and growth of Communism and Trade Union Movement in India and International Communism and its impact on India.
31.M.R. Jayakar Papers:- 7,000 items (1823-1958) - comprising correspondence, diaries, press clippings and miscellaneous papers.
32Munshi Daya Narain Nigam Papers:        
264 issues (1907-1942) of Zamana News Papers and some typed material.
33.Mutiny papers:- 62 letters (1857).
34.N.B. Khare Papers:- 179 items (1935-68) relating to his correspondence, Book and Press clippings.
35.N.K. Bose Papers:-        
1,020 +14= 1034 items (1909-1970) comprising correspondence, speeches, press clippings, articles, books, papers relating to Jharkhand movement, Anthropological Survey of India, files relating to Institute of Advanced Studies, direction action 1946, two personal diaries and some miscellaneous files, etc.
36.P.K. Malviya Papers:- 3,720 items (1907-1969) - comprising his correspondence and Abhyudaya.
37.P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer Papers:- 10,000 items (1889-1946) - relating to correspondence, press clippings, speeches, books, journals, etc.
38.Currency notes of Siam and Japan - 83 notes
39.P.D. Tandon Papers:- 28,738 items (1926-1960) relating to his correspondence, News papers clippings, pamphlets, booklets, etc.
40.Raja Mahendra Pratap Papers:-         
1,148 items (1915-1970) - comprising correspondence, photographs, books, pamphlets
41.Rajendra Prasad Papers:- 34,900 items (1935-1962) comprising his articles, notes, correspondence, press clippings, speeches, pamphlets, etc.
42.R.C. Dutt Collection:- 40 items and a notebook (1901-1909).
43.R.L. Chopra Papers:-         
17 items (1846-1907) regarding Europeans in the Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
44.Sampurnanand Papers:-        
1,907 items (1922-1968) mainly his correspondence and some literary works.
45.Sarojini Naidu Papers:- 34 items (1896-1911) - consists poems and songs.
46.Letter of Vaidya family from Vaidya’s daftar (in Marathi)
47.S.S. Bhatnagar Papers:- 21 items (1942-1954) relating to reports and proceedings of the meetings on various aspects of scientific developments.
48.S.C. Dixit Papers:- 100 items (1869, 1934-1975) - comprising newspapers, periodicals, etc.
49.Sita Ram Papers:- 56 files (1906-1967) relating to his correspondence.
50.Srinivasa Ramanujam Papers:- One volume (1912-1920) throwing light on his life and his work.
51.Tata Iron and Steel Company Jamshedpur:-        
7 files (1928-1961) throwing light on various problems of Tata Workers and growth of Labour Movement in Tata Nagar, Jamshedpur.
52.Udham Singh Trial Papers (1940):-
53.United Service Club Papers:- 115 itmes (1870-1961) relating to club at Simla.
54.Virendranath Chattopadhyaya Papers:-        
One volume (1917-1921, 1955) relating to his revolutionary activities.
55.V. Krishna Swamy Aiyer Papers:- 350 items (1898-1911) relating to his correspondence.
56.V.S. Srinivasa Sastri Papers:- 1,354 items (1889-1946) relating to correspondence, articles, speeches, etc.
57.Woods Collections:- 62 items (1931-1946) relating to correspondence with S.C. Bose and V.J. Patel - Photographs and Press clippings.
58.Helfferich Papers:- 9 items
59.Khan Bahadur Admad Bakhsh:-         
363 items (1890-1955) containing addresses correspondence , press clippings, photographs, etc.
60.Lala Murlidhar Papers:- 95 items containing sanads, correspondence, invitation cards, notification, etc.
61.N.G. Ranga Papers:- 132 items (1934-1986) containing correspondence, articles, speeches (xerox copies).
62.Rana Jang Bahadur Papers:- 104 items (1924-1986) containing correspondence, articles, testimonials, addresses, etc.
63.M.C. Chagla Papers:- 223 items (1921-1981) containing speeches, articles, photos, correspondence, press clippings, etc.
64.Danial Latifi Papers:- containing correspondence, notes and a booklet.
65.Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry Papers:- 92 vols. (1836-1962) containing reports, etc.
66.C.P. Ramaswami Aiyer:- 41 microfilm rolls (1914-1966) containing speeches, correspondence, radio talk lectures, press clippings, etc.
67.C.Rajagopalachari Papers:- 15 microfilm rolls (1930-1959) containing correspondence.
68.S.N. Majumdar Papers:-        
Judgement of the Special Tribunal at Alipur – ‘Emperor Vs Jitendranath Gupta and others’ (printed copy)
69.Shiv Shankar Rawal Papers:- 62 packets (1931-1951) containing correspondence, books, periodicals, etc.
70.Phoolchand Jain Papers:- 425 items (1830-1947; 1985-1992) regarding Delhi Satyagraha, Quit India Movement, Ghadar Party, Indian National Army and Mahatma Gandhi.

H.K. Barpujari Papers (1835-1900):-


  • 11 Microfilm rolls regarding American Mission Papers and 20 Books.
72.Chaudhri Ranbir Singh Papers:- 25 items and 48 photographs (1898-1990) relating to Constituent Assembly, Sanads certificates, etc.
73.U.G. Krishnamurti papers:- 418 items (1939-1999) having correspondence, press clippings, magazines, books, pamphlets, photos, 26 items containing printed books in English as well as in different languages. These books contains the ideas of philosophical thought and rational approach relating to life, God, courage, etc., quotes of U.G. Krishnamurti, set of 108 money maxim cards; CDs/VCDs of U.G.’s interviews world over and file containing copies of web pages links and postage stamps issued in USA on U.G. Krishnamurti.
74.Minnoo Masani Papers:- 7 folders (1933-1974) having correspondence, articles, press clippings, photographs.
75.Lal Bahadur Shastri and Hari Kishan Shastri Papers (1931-66):- 15 items (42 folders), 1,528 xerox copies, 5 files/folders containing correspondence, speeches, broadcast, messages, press clippings pamphlets and abhinandan patras.
76.Nanaji Deshmukh Papers:- 17 items relating to letters, addresses and speeches.
77.Comrade Ramchandra Papers:- 9 items containing books, text of interviews, etc.
78.Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Papers:- All items (1894-1964) containing speeches, correspondence, articles, books, etc.
79.Kasturbhai Lalbhai Papers:- 147 bundles (1936-69) containing correspondence, books, diary, etc.
80.Gulzari Lal Nanda Papers:- 35 bundles (1954-1977) relating to correspondence, books, etc.
81Yashpal Kapoor Papers:- 19 items (1956-64) relating to correspondence and articles.
82.V.V. Giri Papers:-         
23 items (1975-1979) relating to his correspondence.
83.B.N. Pande papers:- 44 items (1936-1964) relating to his correspondence.
84.R.L. Avasthi Papers:- 11 items (1941-53)
85.Sir Hashmatullah Khan Saheb Papers:-         
21 items (1927-1932) relating to self and his correspondence.
86.O.P. Paliwal Papers:- 54 items (1961-1991) relating to his correspondence.
87.S.L. Bhatia Papers:- 146 items (1916-1982) comprising printed books, articles, journals, letters and files relating to his correspondence.
88.Faltis K. Otto Papers (1933-1942):-        
34 enclosures / photographs relating to the activities of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Central Europe.
89.R. Venkataraman Papers:- One album containing 28 photographs.
90.Kanpur Conspiracy Case Papers (1924):-        
4 Vols. relating to the trial.
91.Morarji Desai Papers:- 2,500 pages (1952-1980) – correspondence, articles, photographs, speeches, newspaper clippings, etc.
92.Rabindranath Tagore Letters:- Books and correspondence (in Microfilm rolls)
93.Punjab Conspiracy Case:- Judgment and Index of case.
94.Satya Bhakt Papers:-        
84 items relating to Indian Communist Party, his correspondence, books and biography (1925-1968).
95.Dr. Y. Subbarow Papers:- 1893 items (1922-1955) relating to Scientific matters.
96.Navin Chandra Rai:-A book.
97.Jairam Das Daulat Ram Papers:-         
12 packets and 4 boxes (1538-1984) relating to his correspondence.
98.Prof. Malwinderjit Singh Waraich:-        
Photographs and material relating to freedom fighters (xerox copies)        
(1914-1931), Lahaore Conspiracy Case, Babbar Akali Conspiracy case, two CDs relating to exhibition on Shaheed Bhagat Singh and India’s struggle for freedom
99.Subhas Chandra Bose Papers:- Books, speeches, leaflets, etc. (1934-1984).
100.Pherozeshah Mehta Papers:- Correspondence with eminent personalities (1846-1917) (in Microfilm rolls).
101.Sardar Patel Papers:-        
168 rolls relating to correspondence and press clippings.
102.Zorawar Singh Niam papers:- Regarding Etawah Conspiracy Case Papers- correspondence, Press Clippings.
103.Proceeding’s of the trial of Hari Kishan and Judgement of the Session Court at Lahore.
104.One Certificate of Conviction and Sentence of Madan Lal Dhingra. (1909)
105.Amritsar Conspiracy Case         
Crown Vs Dr. S.D. Kitchlew, Dr. Satapal and others (1919) - One Microfilm roll.
106.Mainpuri Conspiracy Case:-        
Crown Vs. Gopinath and others. (1919) - One Microfilm roll.
107.Trial proceedings of Shaheed Mangal Pandey and others (1857).
108.Material relating to Bangladesh books, pamphlets, newspaper clippings (1971).
109.Macartney Papers         
(1781-1796) – 32 Vols.
110.Bardoli Satyagrah Papers in Gujarati (1939-48) - One microfilm roll and 3 Vols. of Harijan.
List of passengers who travelled on the aforesaid ship.
112.Lhasa at Last by Evan Trigh Croslegh (1903-1904) (one diary).
113.Shiv Shankar Rawal Papers:- 62 Packets.
114.India Divided -Manuscript of the book by Rajendra Prasad.
115.History of Freedom Movement:- Material relating to Freedom Movement in various regions of India (1857-1947).
116.Jain Scriptures:-         
Relates to science of numbers (Ank Vigyan). The manuscripts are stated to throw light on ancient Hindu art, civilization, medicine, mathematics and other sciences.
117.Mira Behn Papers:-         
Relating to pension and repatriation of her servant in 1970.
118.Indo-Russia relations in the 17th Century:-        
One book, two vols. and some xerox copies of documents.
119.Atulya Ghosh Papers:- 34 items and one book.
120.N.Sanjeeva Reddy Papers:- 56 Vols./ folders (1953-1982) relating to correspondence with eminent personalities.
121.K.M. Munshi Papers:-        
In 7 microfilm rolls containing correspondence, court papers and press clippings (1916-1957).
122.Qaumi Ekta Papers:- 15 microfilm rolls relating to the events and issues in Punjab, articles on Sikh history, life and culture (1974-1986).
123.Daya Narain Nigam Collection:- Containing 29 issues of Zamana, photographs, material, etc. (1907-1942).
124.R.H. Col. Phillimore Papers:- 42 Vols./36 maps containing Historical Records of Survey of India.
125.Bholanath Roy Papers:-        
A book – ‘Oaten Incident-1916’ and 13 letters.
126.47 Issues of Young India, The People and National Front (1924-1938).
127.Ladai Ka Akhbar        
- Hindi Weekly from Allahabad – 16 issues, (1918-1919).
128.Balidan (1971-1973) - ** Issues of
129.Dr. H.S. Pareek Papers:- Material relating to his correspondence (1945-1995) (with gaps).
130.Institute of Actuaries Papers:- Relating to Madras Military Fund Life Insurance in India Indian Railways (1933-41).
131.Association of Indian Universities Standing Committee Minutes: - Comprising 10 Vols. (1967-1990).
132.Servant of the People Society Papers:-         
Consisting 228 items (xerox papers ) on P.D. Tandon, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Congress working, agrarian reforms, local self government and Lala Lajapat Rai (1920-1969).
133.Newspaper clippings on Hyderabad affairs:- one Vol. (1875-1888)
134E.S. Reddy Papers:- Relating to Gokhale’s visit to South Africa; Letters by Ole Colbojorrisen to the Noble Committee nominating Gandhi for Noble Peace Prize (1912-1939)
135Fortnightly Journal of the All India Trade Union Congress, Homage to the martyrs (5 August – 20 August 1977), Independence Golden Jubilee Special Number, Trade Union Record
136C.K.Nair Papers:- Diary of one of the 78 Satyagrahi participated in the historical march of Gandhiji from Sabarmati to Dandi in 1930 (in microfilm)
137Prof. Dwijendra Tripathi Papers:- 24 items including files, reports relating to Bank of Baroda, Hilda Ltd., Larsen and Toubro and Ranchhodlal Papers, the found of Ahmedabad Cotton Textile Industries donated by Prof. Tripathi, Ahmedabad (1916-1951)
138Shri Jitendra Prasad Papers:- 10 files of private papers of late Shri Jitendra Prasad (former Vice President and General Secretary of Indian National Congress) relate to correspondence of Smt.Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Arjun Singh, misc papers, press clippings and condolence messages, etc.
139.One letter from Shri B.C.Gangopadhyay, Ex-Secretary to the Government of India as well as Ex Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh regarding Krishna River Water Tribunal (Bachawat Commission)
140Balram Jakhar Papers:- Containing speeches, articles and books
141Amar Kumar Jhingan Papers:- Includes Pandulipi/ Tarpatra, (Tamil, 16th century) Sar Sudha-Nidhi in Hindi (1880-1888) Stray magazines/ periodicals/ booklet, etc., (1826-1925)