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1 Tender Notice- An archival Exhibition on the theme of ‘Development of Education ‘ and also Digital Exhibition on the same theme on 28th June,2024 in B.R Ambedkar international centre. TENDER PDF.pdf129.96 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
2 Two Bids System” Technical & Financial Bid on behalf of the Director General, National Archives of India, New Delhi for the appointment of a Technology Partner for the maintenance, support, including the development of additional features Tender1 (1)_0_compressed.pdf741.14 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
3 Corrigendum for Tender Reference Number 59-4/5/2023-Rep(D)/Com Unit Tender ID 2023_NAI_764000_2 Corrigendum_Digitization.pdf418.33 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
4 Admission notice for 42nd short term certificate course (27th Feb to 5th April 2024) on NAI website 42nd short term course.pdf1.12 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
5 Tender for Running and Maintenance of Canteen Services in National Archives of India. Tender for Running and Maintenance of Canteen Services in NAI (1)_0.pdf669.56 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
6 Tender for installation of mobile stacks compactors in National Archives of India Tender for installation of mobile stacks compactors in NAI_0.pdf2.72 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
7 Advertisement for Procurement of Tissue paper Tender Notice_0.pdf283.02 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
8 The reply to query re-tender FOR Selection of Data Quality Check and Quality audit service Agency vide Tender Reference Number 59-4/8/2023-Rep(D)/Com Unit and Tender ID 2023_NAI_767120_2 prebid meeting 1_compressed.pdf2.82 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
9 Notice Inviting Tender for Security Manpower service and Manpower outsourcing services- Minimum wages- Unskilled, other, Sweeper in the National Archives of India, Regional office, Bhopal. 20210816155044992.pdf290.71 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
10 e-tender for hiring of manpower services for "Management of Records and Library" at NAI, New Delhi Tenderdoc for NAI website.pdf1.88 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
Last Updated Date : 13-05-2024