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SI. No Title Download End Date Document Format
21 Outsourced Security Services for NAI RC, BBSR, Odisha. Tender Notice for Security_0 (1).pdf5.2 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
22 Pre Qualification evaluation Sheet regarding result of Digitization of four and Half Crore Pages in National Archives of India. Pre Qualification Evaluation Sheet.pdf119.51 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
23 Summary of Pre-qualification Criteria for evaluation of RFP for digitization - re. 20200928181515490.pdf199.22 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
24 Clarification on the e-tender for Hiring of Manpower services for "Conservation of Records" Clarification 28_09.2020.pdf100.96 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
25 Corrigendum for hiring of manpower services for "Management of Records at Lahore Shed and other administrative/core activities of NAI" corrilahoreshed.pdf407.69 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
26 "The e-Tender for hiring various categories of outsourced manpower for "Conservation & Management of Records and Library" at NAI, RC-Jaipur" doc.pdf2.53 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
27 Financial bid opening summary of e-Tender Management of Records & Library Financial opening Summary RIV.pdf1.03 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
28 Financial bid opening summary of e-Tender Management of Records in NAI and other Administrative core activities in NAI, Lahore Shed Financial openinig Summary Lahore Shed.pdf1.02 MB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
29 Empanelment of Firm for Printing New Scan for publication.pdf121.06 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
30 Notice inventing tender from the Printer empaneled with the NAI for printing the book title Tender Notice_1.pdf179.47 KB (Language - English, Format - PDF)
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