Registration and admission process and timings

Research Room of National Archives of India can be contacted on any weekday (Monday – Friday) from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM, except Saturdays and other Government Holidays for completion of the registration process. The notified list of Government Holidays is attached for reference. (Link for list of Government Holidays)Link for list of Government Holidays. (Size - 228 KB, Language - English, Format - PDF)

Admission to the allied sections of Private Archives, Oriental Records, Cartography Section and NAI Library is only allowed after the completion of enrolment procedures in the Research Room. Access to the material housed in these sections is regulated by the concerned section.

Admission to the premises of National Archives of India is regulated by means of Ministry of Home Affairs passes and regular monthly passes are issued to scholars who fill in the prescribed form (in duplicate) and submit a Character Certificate. Pending the receipt of such regular passes, temporary passes are issued to the scholars on a daily/weekly basis, in the Reception Office of Ministry of Home Affairs located at the main entrance.The facility of online registration will also be provided in the near future, and users are requested to watch this space for future updates.